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mind & body

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I’m so happy you've arrived. Whether you’re brand new to yoga or a more seasoned practitioner, I’m here to support you on your journey towards health, mindfulness and self-care.
I believe that yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness level, or exp
erience. Yoga is not about being “bendy” or wearing overpriced pants, but rather about spending time with yourself, while honouring your strengths and gently acknowledging your limitations. The more we can love and honour ourselves, the more profoundly we can love and respect everything around us...creating a much-needed ripple effect in our world today.

My classes are designed to help you find a pace and style that's right for you. You will be gently guided through each pose and encouraged to cultivate connection to your body and  breath through mindful movement.
So why not roll out your mat and join us on this exhilarating yoga journey. We would love to have you!

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Gold mandala.

Quite simply, I love getting people together where they can relax, release whatever needs to go, and simply be their most natural versions of themselves.  I love holding space while people carve out this precious &

much needed time… to move, to stretch, to breathe and just be.


I love the sound people make when I tell them to lie on the mat and surrender to the ground beneath them. It’s an audible release that softly fills the room and assures me that they’re indulging in this lovely healing yoga practice. Being human is such a complex combination of physicality, mentality and spirituality... and practicing yoga nurtures all of these elements equally. 


Lastly, I love to laugh. Yoga is a beautiful, sacred practice; but it doesn't have to be heavy. Sometime we all need a good laugh, and there's nothing like laughing in a room together to keep us human and create connection. We keep it light so you leave feeling lifted.

Tina Collins

"With Lindsey, every body and ability is honoured, respected and celebrated. She choreographs poses that seamlessly and gently strengthen and stretch every muscle - even the forgotten ones. Aside from yoga, Lindsey's cultivated a warm and engaging community I look forward to seeing every week."

Steph K.

"Lindsey creates a kind and calming environment in all her classes. Even as a yoga beginner, I always feel welcomed and leave every class feeling accomplished and relaxed."

Michele P.

"When I started yoga with Lindsey about a year ago, I was brand new & had never taken a class before.  I am now addicted & look forward to our weekly classes.  Lindsey is a very encouraging teacher and is always concerned with our overall health and well-being.  I would highly recommend any of her classes, even if you're new to the practice of yoga."

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