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While I’ve always loved learning new things, my official teaching journey began in South Korea back in 2006. During my time there, I worked full time teaching English to elementary-aged children—a wonderful and exhausting job.

To ease some of the stress, I began doing yoga on a regular basis. I grew up dancing, and knew that moving my body was going to be very therapeutic. AND IT WAS! I immediately became aware of the positive effects it had on my mental, spiritual, and physical well-being. I had found a new love!

Nearly a decade later, with one toddler and a baby on the way, I decided to delve into Yoga Teacher Training under the tutelage of Louise Cameron. In the winter of 2016, while 8 months pregnant, I graduated from the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training program as a Hatha instructor. I’m so grateful to have begun my teaching career at Almonte’s own studio (Rising Sun, then Surya Daya). However, when COVID arrived and the studio had to shut down, I was at a fork in the road. After months of being shut in, I knew more clearly than ever that I wanted to provide a safe space where people could gently ease back into their practice. This led to the very first “Sip & Stretch” class, where people could enjoy a hot beverage, check-in with themselves and others, and  move their bodies—all while being in a room together (even if socially distanced). This felt like the most important offering I’d ever led, and it reinforced my passion and desire to continue bringing people together in the spirit of healing, connection, and simply being human.

With well over 1200 hours of teaching, I continue to integrate my love of movement, dance (and the occasional joke or two) into my teaching practice. Whether it’s Yoga for families, young children, seniors, beginners, individuals who prefer private lessons, or large groups, I’m happy to accommodate any Yoga-needs within my ability. I can’t wait to explore this journey further as a teacher, a community builder, and—as always—a student. 

To join one of the currently running classes follow the link below.

To book a private session please email

Lindsey and her daughter playing outdoors
Lindsey after savasana
Lindsey meditating under a tree.

Paige W.

"Lindsey's refreshing, friendly style of leading class keeps everyone at ease. She always offers options to meet people where they're comfortable or provide more challenges (if you're looking for them). She holds a totally nonjudgemental space and, with a few laughs and some good music, I always leave feeling like I truly had some enriching "me time".
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